Recruitment Agreement

Date: 00/00/0000


THIS AGREEMENT is entered to this date the 00.00.0000 by and between M/s ________________________________________ duly registered under the laws of the State of ___________ with business address at P.O. Box: ________, City, Country and represented by Mr. _______________________, in his capacity as ____________________ (hereinafter referred to as the 'EMPLOYER')


M/s. ARAB RECRUITING SERVICES PVT. LTD. a company duly registered under the laws of Nepal, with business main office address at P.O. Box: 6622, Kathmandu, Nepal and represented by Mr. Kesh B. Gauchan, in his capacity as Managing Director (hereinafter referred to as the 'AGENT')
WITNESSETH AND AGREE that the employer wishes to use the services of the agent for the recruitment of employees to be deputed to the employer from Nepal
NOW, THEREFORE, the EMPLOYER and the AGENT have agreed to conduct business under the following terms and conditions:

1. The EMPLOYER has appointed the AGENT as the authorized recruiting agent in Nepal for the EMPLOYER, in order to handle and to deliver the recruitment and manpower needs of the Employer from Nepal.
2. That the EMPLOYER shall provide the AGENT with the job profiles, job description, approximate salaries and packages of the vacant positions required to be hired well in advance along with the recruitment time frame;
3. That the AGENT shall provide the EMPLOYER with qualified candidates within the agreed time frame;
4 The AGENT shall endeavor to fulfill to each requisition for manpower and shall be responsible for advertisement, screening & evaluation tests, final and pre-interviews , follow up until the deployment of all selected personnel, and to follow up good conduct certificates, medical certificates, communications, and all other activities, related to the mobilization of all personnel, including the processing of all necessary documents pertaining to the recruitment of personnel as specified by the EMPLOYER 5. That the EMPLOYER will provide free visa and joining air ticket for the selected workers. 6. That the EMPLOYER shall pay to the AGENT an amount of US $ _______/- (In Word _________________US Dollar) for each recruited employee from Nepal. The amount will be paid to the AGENT by the EMPLOYER within 10-15 days after the recruited employees joined the company at the job location.
7. The candidates will also be responsible to cover the costs of any documents or certificates attesting, medical test, orientation, Foreign Employment Insurance and welfare fund fees.
8. The EMPLOYER shall provide the AGENT with the Contracts and the Employment Visas of the selected candidates; and the AGENT shall notify the EMPLOYER with the arrival details of the recruited employees to Job Locations at least before 3 days in advance.
9. The AGENT shall inform the selected candidates about the first six months probationary period with the EMPLOYER.
10. Within the six months probationary periods the EMPLOYER reserves the right to terminate the services of the selected candidates on grounds of poor works performance, poor health and inability to adapt with the working conditions.
11. In the event the service of a selected candidate is terminated within six months of joining, the AGENT shall arrange for replacement on NO Fee basis.
12. The AGENT shall undertake to provide and deliver the most convenient and professional recruiting services, and the EMPLOYER shall undertake to spare no efforts to cooperate with the AGENT in order to fulfill all recruitment requirements.
13. This agreement shall be in effect for a period of 2 years from the date of signing and; unless terminated by either party with 60 days prior written notice, shall be automatically extended for another two years. In any case the parties obligation under this agreement shall be in full effect till the Agent cease to be under any actual and/or contingent liability under the terms and the conditions of this agreement.
14. This agreement shall be governed by the State of _______ and any dispute that may arise shall be settled by the Courts of ________.
14. That the above terms and conditions are deemed as covenants and the violation of any of which shall be a ground for the termination of this agreement and legal conflict.

NOW, THEREFORE the parties have hereunto affixed their signatures to signify conformity to the above terms and conditions.






Managing Director






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