Recruitment Procedure

As per the requirement of the Nepal Government’s rule to recruit a worker to abroad, we require the Original Legal Documents from the Employer, as per the provided Sample Documents on the "Requirements" section. Once it is received, the following process follows:

1. Pre-Approval of the Legal Documents:
The Original Legal Documents requires pre-approval authority from the Labour Department of Nepal, which will take around 2-3 days depending upon the workload of the Department.

2. Sourcing out the suitable Candidates:
The suitable candidates are sourced out by advertising the requirement of the Employer on the Daily Newspaper, by the direct contacts as well as the candidates who are already available on our data bank.

3. Pre-Interview and evaluation of the Candidates by ARS Representative:
Each and every sourced out candidates will be pre-interviewed, evaluated and shortlisted according to the Job Description provided by the Employer for the required categories.

4. Selection of the candidates by Employer/Company representative:
Employers can render their own selection for the particular field by personal interviews to select as many as suitable persons who are already short-listed by ARS.

5. Selection by ARS Representative:
If the company representative cannot perform physical interview for the selection, ARS representative will forward the CVs of the shortlisted candidates to the Company for their review and evaluation, for the final selection of the candidates.

6. Medical Checkup and Orientation:
The selected candidates will perform Medical Checkup and attend Orientation Classes, where they will be given information regarding the laws and orders about the country of the hiring company.

7. Visa Apply:
Once the candidates are certified as Medically Fit for overseas employment, their required documents will be forwarded to the Employer for the Visa application.

8. Final Labour Clearance:
After receiving endorsed/paper visa, we apply with necessary documents to Labour Department of Nepal to get Final Labour Clearance, for the deployment of workers.

9. Travel Arrangements:
After receiving Labour Clearance of the Candidates from the Labour Department, a travel ticket should be arranged by the Employer in order to mobilize the candidate to the destination place of the company.

10. Final Departure Briefing:
ARS will organise a final departure briefing to the candidates about the rules and regulations, customs and traditions and safety matters of the employment country, in order to avoid any misunderstanding during their tenure of work.

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