About Nepal


Nepal is the most happening destination in the world. A developing mountainous land-locked country situated between the great nations China and India, occupying an area of 147,181 sq. km. Its length from Northwest to Southeast is about 800 km and its width varies from 90 km to 230 km. Though Nepal is small in size, it has a heady mixture of unique culture proudly preserved, mind-boggling adventure and remarkable natural beauty with different Geographical positions and variation in the altitude in different places. Its elevation ranges from 60 mtr. above the sea level to 8848 mtr. The Mount Everest is known as "TOP OF THE WORLD."

The Himalayan Kingdom has the richest and most diverse culture landscapes anywhere. It is also rich in Human Resources of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled manpower. The nation has 8 Million strong work forces among the population of approximately 23 million consisting of more that 70 ethnic groups having different cultures and speaking above 70 languages. Nepal is one of the multi-religious and culture countries in the world. Though we find various religious, cultures and lifestyles, the perfect harmony beautifully maintained by people despite the religious is truly remarkable in Nepal. Since time immemorial, Nepalese have distinguished themselves as sincere and hard working people in the countries across the Asian continent. They have also earned reputation as gentle and good worker by their efficient services and unflinching devotion to duty for decades.


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