Required Legal Documents for the Recruitment Procedure

In order to meet our Government formalities and smooth recruitment, we require the following documentations from the Company/Organization, to process for manpower recruitment, duly attested from the Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the concerned country and from Nepal Embassy.

1. Demand Letter:- The Demand Letter should be duly authorized to Arab Recruiting Services Pvt. Ltd, License # 73/052/053 Nepal and as per the Nepal Government's Directives, the employer company should offer following facilities to the workers in written contract.

  • Visa
  • Joining and round trip Air Ticket (if the employee is on vacation)
  • Accommodation.
  • Food and allowance.
  • Transportation.
  • Medical facilities and Insurance coverage of worker.
  • Working 8 hours per day and six days a week.
  • Overtime (OT) if worked more than 8 hours a day.
  • 30 days leave in a year.

2. Power Of Attorney:- The Power of Attorney should duly authorized to Arab Recruiting Services Pvt. Ltd, License # 73/052/053 Nepal, appointing as Lawful Official Recruiting Agency in Nepal to recruit the required workers to the Employer.

3. Guarantee Letter:- A Letter taking a full responsibility of a worker that the worker will be placed for work within the geographical boundary of the state of hiring company and guarantee that they will not be sent to any other country for any purpose.

4. Recruitment Agreement:- An Agreement between the hiring Company and Arab Recruiting Services Pvt. Ltd., mentioning all the Terms and Conditions of recruitment, signed by both parties. It enables for the smooth functioning in the recruitment procedure.

5. Employment Contract:- The Employment Contract is a contract between the Employer and the Employee, mentioning all the terms and conditions to work as well as the salaries and facilities mentioned in the Demand Letter.

6. E-wakala:- (Applicable only for The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia):
Duly authorized to Arab Recruiting Services Pvt. Ltd, License # 73/052/053 Nepal with visa mission at Kathmandu, Nepal. Note: The requirement of documents may vary from country to country depending on the particular laws of a particular country. Need of documents also depends on whether the Embassy of manpower importing nation is in Nepal or not.

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