Emplyment Contract

Date: 00/00/0000


This Employment Contract agreement is made on day of 00.00.0000 by and between M/s __________________________________________ incorporated under the Laws of ________ with its Head Office being at City, P. O. Box: ________, hereinafter referred to as the 'Employer' and Mr XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX holder of Nepal Passport No: ??????XXXX??, hereinafter referred to as the 'Employee'.
Whereas the Employer is desirous of employing the Employee and the Employee agrees to work for Employer as per the terms & condition included in articles of this contract.

And whereas the Employer and Employee declare their legal competence to enter into contract and dispose and whereas the consent to the above, it is accordingly agreed between them as follows:
1. The recitals above shall be held as an inseparable and integral part to this contract in all it's articles and condition:
2. Designation: The Employee agrees to work for the Employer in the post of "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
3. Contract Period: The employment contract shall commence on the date Employee reports for duty and shall be for an unspecified period. The remuneration terms detailed in this employment contract shall be valid for the initial two (2) years of employee's employment or payroll status in future shall be communicated to employee through a separate "notification letter", which shall have the legal effect of modifying this employment contract.
4. Salary: a) You will be paid a basic salary of QR XXXX/- per month.
b) The second party will work with the first party for eight (8) hours per day and Six (6) days a week. The Employee shall be entitled to a cash payment against over-time work hours in case he assumes any such works after the eight (8) regular work hours in accordance with the Labour Law of the ________.
c) Incase the Employee quits or for any invalid reasons whatsoever during the agreed duration of contract, he shall be obliged to pay all costs and charges arising from it's bringing into _______ further to other penalties imposed in accordance with regulation of the Employer.
5. Probationary: a) The Employee shall be appointed under probationary period for six (6) months in accordance with provision of article 15 (2) of the _______ Labour Law after which is appointment will be on permanent basis provided that his performance during the probation period be up to the mark and satisfactory to the Employer.
b) The Employee shall not be put under probation for more than once.
c) In the event, the Employee is declared medically unfit by the Medical Commission (Ministry of Public Health) and during probationary period if he proves technically unqualified, he will be repatriated to his home-country without notice.
6. Residence Permit: In the event that the Government of ________ will not grant the Employee a Residence Permit or denies him the right of Residence in ________, the Employer will have no alternative but to terminate his employment, which it will do without notice. As per _______ Law the sponsor is responsible to repatriate the employee.

7. Leave:
 a) The Employer is entitled for leave benefits as per ___________ Law
 b) The Employer has the right to decide the timing of the Employee's annual leave as per the schedule of the work requirement.
8. Passage: An economy excursion class air-passage for the sector KATHMANDU - _________ will be provided at the time of joining and return sector on completion of contract and upon entitled for leave.
9. Accommodation: The Employee shall be provided shared, air-conditioned, bachelor status accommodation with hard furnishing, and with free supply of water and electricity.
10. Food: Free Food Provided.
11. Transport: The Employee will be provided a free, common transport to - and - from the place of work.
12. Medical Facilities: Free medical service is provided by the Employer. All medical services are also provided by the Medical Department of the __________, as per the Government regulation.
13. Transfer of Services: The Employer reserves the right to utilize the Employee's service for any of its departments, or, if necessary, arrange for Employee's transfer to any of its sister organization.
14. Notice: One month's notice is required to be given should the Employee wishes to leave the Employer. A similar period of notice (One Month) will be given by the Employer in the event the Employee's services are not required, provided the employee has completed the probation period.
15. Resignation: If the Employee resigns during the tenure of the Contract, he will travel back to his home country at his own cost.

16. General Rules:
 a) The Employee shall not, throughout the contract duration, work or assume any over-time work (whether paid or Unpaid) in favor of any other person, company of corporation.
 b) The ________ Labour Law and its executory resolution shall be held as the legal basis for provisions of this contract and shall be referred to in the event of any dispute arising between the Employer and Employee, or in case of lack of proper provisions in this contract and in the internal regulation of the Employer.
 c) Any amendments, alterations or changes introduced in this contract shall not be binding to the Employer /Employee unless written and signed by them.
 d) The Employee undertakes to observe and abide by all internal regulation of the employer, which shall be held as part and parcel of this contract.
 e) The Employee undertakes, during the currency of this contract and any time thereafter, and for any purpose whatsoever, not to reveal or disclose or publish or utilize any information to which he was entrusted or which it reviewed in relation to the business or affairs of the Employer.

17. End of Service Benefits: The employee shall be entitled for end of service benefits, which meets the requirements specified under the ______ Labour Law.
If you are agreeable to the above terms, kindly sign and return the duplicate copy of this Contract as a token of your acceptance.
This offer of employment is subject to approval of No Objection Certificate (NOC) by immigration Department of the State of ________. In order to enable us, therefore, to obtain a No Objection Certificate for your entry into the State of________, kindly let us have the following, if not sent.


Name in full






Place & Date of Birth



Passport No.


Date of Issue


Date of Expiry


We look forward to hearing from you,

Yours faithfully,
For and behalf of
Company Name.

(Employer) I accept the above Terms and Conditions: Signed: _________________________ (Employee)

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